Friday, March 6, 2009

Work Baby Shower

Updated 3/8/09
A sign of the times????

I'm glad that we bought a super capacity washer and dryer last month when our old one died!

Looks like a lot of laundry...we can't wait until she is using this stuff!

Every Child is a Story Yet to be Told

Decorations at shower - blue birds and cherry blossoms...

Very excited Mommy with cake!

Here are the promised pictures! My Mom counted 21 bibs, 18 onesies, 2 bath tubs, 2 baby monitors, 6 bottles of baby shampoo, powder, baby wash, endless sleepers, an adorable Janie and Jack outfit, some really cute 'buggy' toys, a bouncer, about 10 receiving blankets, a beautiful pink and white knitted (or crocheted) blanket (that I LOVE), several very cute stuffed animals, 2 packages of bottles, a few gift cards, and cash that was specifically mentioned "for college fund" (which we had already started, and I promptly deposited today), cash to be applied toward the rocking chair, endless hair bows and head bands, just to mention "some" of the nice things!


Some of the unwrapped gifts!

How could I close a post without another one of the special pictures sent from Okada-San and Taz of our beautiful daughter!

Manami and Sakura, HinaMatsuri 2009

Everyone keeps asking....Unfortunately we cannot adopt Manami too, Manami's Mommy is Okada-San and I know that she loves her very much and would put up a fight...but we'd take her in a minute ~ she is such a beautiful little girl, we hope that she comes with Okada-San when she brings Sakura to us in just two weeks!

Click on video below to see shower pictures.


demetrisfamily said...

It looks like you had a great baby shower at work! How wonderful for your beautiful daughter to be showered with so many great gifts! You'll so love your new washer and dryer. We bought new ones just a couple of months before we even knew about Tripp and I'm so glad that we have them because the laundry never ends!

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

Wow! Looks like you're all set with all those great shower gifts! Those pictures of Sakura and Manami are adorable - they look so sweet together. Isn't it comforting to know that Sakura is being well taken care of until you go to get her? I'm so excited for you - that day is almost here!

cpayne1997 said...

That was so nice of the ladies at work to give you such a lovely shower! It looks like you are all set.