Saturday, December 11, 2010

Birthday Party fun with Melanie

Time for some celebrating!
Melanie turned 2 and we went to celebrate with friends. The Black family knows how to entertain kids....a party for a 2 year old complete with Bounce House (that even the adults enjoyed - I did spare the world from pictures of Isaac and James jumping away...we'll save those for later!), finger painting, swing set, pinata...just to name a few things - throw that in with yummy food - a fun time was had by all!

I had to wake Sakura up from her nap - the party was from 11 - 2!

First we went to see all of the bouncing --- Sakura wanted NO part of getting in, we took her shoes off and stuck her in and she out she came - Daddy held her on the side and she really enjoyed that though....we let her "jump" on the edge to give her the wasn't long before she wanted in! Yay Sakura!

Here is Daddy 'jumping' Sakura on the edge.


Sakura LOVED it - she has always been tenative about all aspects of life, why would this be any different? Sakura is one that needs to observe and then participate....

Cute little aprons that each child got for finger painting.

Finger painting with the birthday girl!

"Yes Mommy I am painting...did you need something?"

Loving the paint, but not sure about what is all over her hands - she doesn't like her hands dirty!

But this isn't so bad - she actually cried when we finally cleaned them off!

Squishy paint!

Daddy are you going to help???

Swinging with the big kids

More bouncing on the sidelines - the big guys were in there!

Pretty birthday girl Melanie with her Mommy and Daddy!

Note to self - don't let Daddy get the child a get the darkest/brightest one!

Saying goodbye to our buddy - Anabelle.

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Misty Clark said...

What a great party and Sakura looks so cute as always. I'm sure the finger painting was a hit, if she was able to get past having stuff on her hands :) She's like another little someone who likes their hands clean.