Friday, September 24, 2010

Hair Cut .... just a few bangs

I've debated and debated and it came down to the final seconds until I could actually make a decision...and Sakura got a few bangs in the end.... it's almost time for Christmas pictures so we figured we'd go with a new do for Sakura :)
In true Sakura fashion, she was great for her haircut, observing everything being done, sitting still through the whole deal. As always we are quite proud of our little cherry blossom!

Big Girl ready for her haircut!

Our cutie-pie in a cute car cape ready to go.

Hmmmm, what's going on here?!

Daddy catching the hair

SO...What do you think?!

A little blow dry even.

SO pretty!

Thanks Auntie Becky for my haircut!

Then we went to dinner at Burgers & Beer before heading home for some of Sakura's favorite....
Queso Fundito! YUM!

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Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

She looks GORGEOUS! Now we can see your beautiful eyes and face Sakura. She looks very happy with it too. Her pictures are going to be stunning. Both of my kids love their haircut. Savannah gets the works now with shampoo and all. Seth loves it because he gets tons of attention.