Thursday, September 2, 2010

What we've been up to...

Not a whole heck-of-alot :) It's been tough going back to work, I missed everyone there, now I miss Sakura again - luckily she is having a GREAT time being back at Katie's - she truly loves it there, loves Katie, loves the kids and misses them when it's just 'us', so that's nice! We haven't been doing a lot, since it's so hot right now we've been staying indoors!

Sakura got a new baby though....she loves her baby, and often tries to put the baby's binkie in her mouth - there is no 'nipple' just a magnet, so she turns it around and puts the handle in her mouth...guess she thinks she should have her own binkie more than I do :) She only gets it in bed!

Here she is opening her baby.

She knows that the baby came in the box, so she puts her back in...upside down box :)

When I was in the hospital back in July I had this lovely exercise to do with this fine contraption....Sakura saw Mommy do it, and found the machine and gave it a go...except she blew out instead of sucking in :) Gotta give an 18 month old credit, I thought it was GREAT!

Just being cute while she comes naturally :)

Even with tofu on her chin!
Sakura figured out how to get more out of her bowl all on her own - we never showed her how to do this, she figured it out and did quite well with her miso soup! Sakura is growing up WAY too fast for me, I might add!

Playing with Daddy is fun, no matter what you're this case Sakura found Daddy's hat and put it on Daddy, then took it off and put it on her head!

Snuggling with her baby while watching TV.

When we went to California a few weeks ago, we took the dogs, so we made a few stops along the way to walk them - Sakura hasn't ever seen them on leashes, so she thought that was pretty funny - every since we got home, Sakura has grabbed Daddy's belt and put it around her neck.

Milk goes well with boots right? Sakura seems to think this is a great holding spot!

Today I took Sakura out to work so she could visit everyone. My boss Zack said it had been 2 years since he saw her (his way of saying it's been a very long time, and he missed her!). It was a lot of fun getting Sakura dressed, I figured I would put the dress that she threw a fit about a few weeks ago, since we weren't just hanging out at home! So I got her dressed up and off we went - before we left she kept pulling and twirling the ruffles on the skirt. When we got to the office, I was trying to work, but Sakura was hungry since it was just about lunch time, so Heather and I walked across the street with Sakura to get some french fries. When we walked into the building someone walking by said "The Princess with her entourage" - I hadn't even noticed that there was about 15 of Dean's engineers walking behind us...they didn't pass us even though we were walking at Sakura's pace. Pretty sweet!

Sakura watching TV before we left....last weekend I tried my hand at clippie making - so today Sakura wore my 2nd clippie creation - the first is red and she will wear it for Christmas pictures we have scheduled in a couple of weeks. I'm sure not an expert, and hopefully with practice I get better, in the meantime Sakura doesn't know the difference :)
Sakura was talking on the "phone" (aka: DVD remote) - pretty funny, she kept saying "Hello"!

"Hello --- Hello --- Hello....Dada???"

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Misty Clark said...

Beautiful pictures of beautiful Sakura-chan! She is growing up way too fast for my liking too. Love seeing her learn new things.