Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Swirl

So Thursday I went to Verizon to have my new phone activated and transfer the contacts, when we got there, I heard Sakura saying "Mmmm Mmmm" - I just figured she must be hungry or something until I got her out of her carseat and I realized that she thought we were going to The Big Swirl that is a couple of doors down - Oops! We didn't stop then, but today we went.
Sakura has it all figured out - she "runs" right to the bowls and heads over to the pumps - it was pretty funny.
Luckily they have non-fat, otherwise I think we'd all be gaining weight!
Here is Sakura headed to the pumping station ......


All done!


Julie said...

Cute! Mia does the same thing and rushes up in front of the different flavors she wants. I've been taking pictures of the yogurt before Mia eats it because it's neat how her taste has changed over the past year.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

That is so cute. Sounds like a great place. She looks like she knows exactly what to do and what she wants.

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

How cute that she knows exactly how to do it! Isn't it amazing how much our toddlers are learning these days!? They're growing up so fast!