Thursday, April 2, 2009

Meeting Friends

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I took our little Peyton Sakura-chan out to work for a visit with our co-workers. She was her usual amazing little self, only fussed when she got hungry or someone held her in a 'newborn' position (she doesn't like that unless she is eating). She never ceases to amaze us - she is just the most perfect little girl. She was passed around by all and like I said, didn't let us know that we were intruding on her normal nap time. Everyone commented on how beautiful she is, and what a good baby - we agreed without hesitation, we know that we were very blessed to be chosen to be her parents.

Auntie Beverly

Juan getting practice - he's going to have a little one in about 6 more months! He was a natural :)

Vannesa's turn - she'll be getting up at night in about 6 months (Juan's wife)

When all was said and done and we got home, and Daddy got home about an hour after us - she fell fast asleep in her bouncy chair.

I have to share another cute 'story'. Yesterday my friend Katie came over for a visit and brought her daughters, Nicole and Samantha - in the midst of our conversation Samantha
(age 6) asked me how Peyton could understand me since she speaks Japanese. It was SO darned cute! I will be adding that cute little story to Peyton's baby book for sure. Here is a picture of Nicole and Samantha holding Peyton yesterday. I figured that Peyton was probably feeling very comfortable, and missing Minami a lot - Nicole is about the same age, so I'm sure she was thinking about her very first girl friend Minami.

Samantha and Nicole with Peyton Sakura


Aunt Carol said...

The "speaking Japanese" story is priceless! Hugs from Kansas!

Dan Dominguez said...

Hello Jennifer and Dean...

Susana, Demi and I would like to congratulate you on the adoption of your precious little angel! She is so beautiful. We just spent the last hour reading your blog. You did such a great job in documenting every detail of your amazing journey. May God continue to bless you guys and your daughter Peyton.