Sunday, April 12, 2009

Auntie, Uncle and Cousins visit

First visit from cousins Jessamine (R) and Stephanie (L)

We had a really nice baby shower yesterday, unfortunately I didn't have my memory stick with me, I remembered my camera, but forgot the memory stick - and it was definitely a memorable day :( My sister inlaw had her camera with her, and I hope to get a copy of her pictures then I will post some.

On the way over to Sharon's house, my darling daughter decided it was time for her "big job" - so when we got there and I got her out of her car seat....well let's just say that Daddy had to come and bring new clothes. (Note: I had extra clothes in the diaper bag (as I always do) but when Dean packed the diaper bag for yesterday, he removed them) little Peyton Sakura-chan arrived at the shower as if delivered from the stork (plus a diaper)...Daddy arrived soon and then she was re-dressed and presentable again.

We had a lovely shower, all of Dean's Mom's friends were there, as well as Dean's cousins - Sharon, Sharman, and Shirley, plus Dean's sister Linda, and our nieces Jessamine and Stephanie. We received so many nice gifts, but the nicest part was just sharing our baby with them. Everyone remarked how cute she is :), what a good baby she is, how happy they are for us, and that we have to call them when we come to town so they can watch her grow up.

Bachan takes a turn feeding Peyton

Jichan and Peyton's hands

We were fortunate that cousin Joe was able to come over and take a few pictures of Peyton too - Joe does remarkable photography and I had mentioned to Sharman at the shower that we really wanted to Joe to take some pictures of Peyton sometime when he is available and when she got home from the shower, Joe said that he could come right then - so we got a few very cute pictures of Peyton (unfortunately it was time to eat, so we didn't get very many, that is one thing that she does voice herself about, FOOD - when it is time to eat we do hear about it!), Dean and I (under protest) were included in a couple of the pictures, then Joe took a couple of pictures with "the gang" - Dean's Mom was gone to the store, so they weren't home, but the rest were included - for being here all of 30 or so minutes, he captured some really cute pictures! Sure wish I knew his secrets!

Auntie Linda, Uncle Mark, Cousins Jessamine and Stephanie and Us (notice someone is getting a bottle)

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jill and ryan said...

what a great family pic (the one of you, dean and peyton)!