Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Visitors and Just Hanging Out at Home

Uncle Matty Moo comes to visit Princess P! My brother Matt came to see his new niece, he could hardly stand waiting as long as he did - but knew that we would be heading to Yuba City to see Dean's parents, so he waited as long as he could....he arrived just 3 days after we got home, and he will be here for another week. He has enjoyed holding and feeding his niece, I know that he loves Miss Peyton Sakura-chan very much and will be the very best Uncle! Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Matty Moo!

Uncle Matty Moo and Princess P

Peyton Sakura-chan heads to Mommy and Daddy's work (again) - Last week we visited work. Mommy needed to see what was wrong with her laptop so we headed out for a visit (sort of), Princess Peyton didn't behave herself (Mommy left her to tend to business and apparently she had a little crying fit while Mommy was away) so our visit was cut short - but she will come again and try to make it around to see everyone that we missed. Here she is visiting (and talking) with Miss Phyllis in Mommy's office.

Back-tracking a bit - here is our Easter dinner at Chevy's in Sacramento meeting Dean's cousin and his son - Greg and Freddie, Freddie was SO sweet - he told me and Dean that he had seen Sakura-chan's pictures on the computer while he was playing his Wii and his Dad (Greg) was reading e-mail...and he said that Sakura was a pretty baby - I asked if Greg had "instructed" Freddie before meeting us for dinner, and Greg said "No", then Freddie said - "I've never seen a beautiful baby like Sakura" - it was SO sweet...and Greg insisted that he hadn't instructed Freddie on the topic, we believe him, we were just giving them a hard time - so sweet of Freddie to say how pretty Sakura-chan is - we sure think she is beautiful - and cannot believe how incredibly G-O-O-D she is and how lucky and Blessed we are to be her parents!!!
Here is our beautiful baby girl!

Just random pictures of our beautiful baby girl that I took today (Saturday 17 April) - see her adorable little clip in her hair, it's from Auntie Nancy, Auntie Nancy even crocheted the cute pink flower herself....Mommy finally found a headband to put it on - it's actually a little hair clip.

Sweet baby girl

Enjoying a little sunshine
Hanging out in the backyard for a little sun


David and Samantha said...

What a great few posts!! She is so pretty and looks like all is going well with you all! Love the pretty clip and towel from Nancy!

Misty Clark said...

You can tell Uncle Matt sure loves Peyton. How sweet is that? Peyton is such a beautiful baby and you can never have too many pictures of her. Keep em coming! :)