Friday, April 10, 2009

More visiting with family and friends

We are enjoying our time in California, spending time with Dean's family and today we were able to spend a few hours with some special friends. Below are some pictures taken over the last day or so. Dean's Dad (aka: Jichan) really loves Peyton, he wants to hold her ALL of the time, if she is sleeping, he waves his hand so that we know that he doesn't want us to take her away basically saying "She is fine here", it is very sweet! We know when we go home in a couple of days, that our sweet little Princess will be dearly missed and we will have to come back as soon as possible.

Jichan with Peyton

Jichan feeding Peyton

Peyton's first night in her pack-n-play, Yancha woke up and sat right beside it until I got Peyton up

Bachan's turn to feed Peyton

Today we went grocery shopping at Otos, we finished before Dean's parents and went to sit and wait in the car....this is just a pretty baby waiting :)

When we were finished at Otos we went to visit Dean's Aunt and Uncle - here Peyton meets Auntie Fumiyo and Uncle Fred - who were instrumental in our adoption process - they both helped translate all of the paperwork that Dean's cousins (and Uncle) sent from Japan just last July - Dean's cousin Joyce (Uncle Fred and Auntie Fumiyo's daughter) got married last year late in June, thus our trip to CA when the papers from Japan were translated - Joyce got pregnant on her honeymoon.....she just delivered her daughter on March 26th, so right about the time we were starting our adoption - Airi found out that she was pregnant with our daughter.
"Ironic" or "fate"....

Auntie Fumiyo with Peyton

Uncle Fred meeting Peyton

Enjoying dinner at Taro's

All of us at dinner

Jichan and Bachan with Peyton

Jichan, Daddy and Peyton

Tummy's are full, now it's time for shopping at Arden Mall, Peyton hanging out in her stroller

Dang, I have to feed myself around here???

Meeting Auntie Nancy and Uncle Tim

Meeting Auntie Eryn

Here is Eryn's daughter - Emi - she was Queen of the chairs!

Uncle Gregor and Miya-chan having fun at lunch

Miya and Tripp blowing bubbles in their water - they are both SO cute!

Daddy's favorite store in Marysville - The Candy Box (unfortunately they were out of our favorite candy!) - I can only see the future with Peyton asking Daddy to take her to The Candy Box!

Back home this afternoon - Jichan asked Bachan all afternoon when we were going to come home! He missed Princess Peyton!

Content with Jichan


beem221 said...

too much fun! looks like dim sum was a blast w/the demetris and cech families - i bet nancy and eryn just loved holding peyton. i REALLY love the pictures of jichan and peyton, they are really precious.

Misty Clark said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I'm jealous but happy Nancy and Eryn got to hold that sweet Peyton. I just want to squeeze her :)