Monday, April 27, 2009

A busy week (recap)

Seems like life goes by so fast sometimes! We had another busy week - but I think now things will get somewhat normal now.

Always stop and smell the flowers....Peyton taking time to stop and smell the flowers with Grandma

I think that Peyton liked the colors she watched and starred at the flowers (at my Mom's)

My Mom left here Tuesday, and we took my brother back to Phoenix (to my Mom's)Friday night - we stayed there for the weekend and had our first Post-Placement visit with Ralph on Sunday! Here we are - we sure like Ralph and look forward to our next visit sometime this summer.

While we were in Phoenix we were able to meet up with another family that adopted from Japan through our agency - they were the very first family we met that had adopted from Japan (we met them back in October before our first visit with Lesley and Taz) - we could not believe how much Sinclair had grown (she turned 14 months on Saturday) and how incredibly SMART she is! OMG! We got a few pointers from Amy and Cory about teaching Peyton sign language, and we will definitely be doing that in the next few months. Below are a few pictures from our lunch date.

Our families

Cutie Pie Sinclair - she kept saying "Baaaaby" to Peyton

Sinclair and Peyton

We also got to introduce Peyton to Yaya - Yaya is a good friend of my Mom's - they have been friends since High School, we couldn't wait for Karen (aka: Yaya) to meet our little Princess!

The same evening my stepdad's secretary Dawn came by to meet Peyton - and brought her daughters. The girls were SO good with Peyton, I commented that Jordan reminded me so much of myself at her age, always loved the babies and didn't want to share them....Jordan fed Peyton, and held her a lot, while Maddy was able to make Peyton CRACK UP! It was SOOOOO cute, she laughed and laughed and laughed at Maddy - her Mom Dawn told Maddy it was because Maddy is "funny looking" - not so, I think Maddy is adorable! I said that I think Peyton was so comfortable with the girls because she had a good foundation with Manami and I'm sure she missed Manami!

We also got in a little time with Uncle Mykyl - Mykyl has been our Uncle gosh since I was about 8 years old I was very special introducing our bundle of joy to him and seeing how happy he was for us and for her - we look forward to seeing him again in a couple of weeks!


Misty Clark said...

I absolutely love the photo of Peyton and Sinclair! The girls are so adorable together. Thanks for sharing all the photos.

Clyde Kelly and Kai said...

Wow, you ARE having a busy week! Sakura is absolutely adorable! It's great watching her grow and change even in these few weeks. We can't wait to meet you all soon!!! :D

Samantha said...

How fun that you have gotten to meet up with so many friends and family! Sinclair is a cutie, first I have heard/seen of her and her family! Peyton is as calm and pretty as ever!