Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back to Normal

Life is great! Peyton and Wrigley

What's with the tongue???

All is well with the Princess....she is back to her normal happy go with the flow self! We sure don't like shots, Peyton is going to be just like her Mommy when it comes to shots I'm afraid.

Looking so intent!

We are going to start transitioning from Japanese formula to American formula this weekend...sniff, sniff...we sure love the convenience of the Japan formula, unfortunately you cannot get it here, even mail order :( According to Taz, the U.S. is afraid of "mad cow" - go figure!

Fresh from her bath - in her beautiful new towel from Auntie Nancy!


Misty Clark said...

Glad everything is back to normal for that sweet girl. I love her little tongue sticking out.

Jennifer said...

Jennifer and Dean
You make such a beautiful family. We are so happy for you now that Peyton has completed your family. Wishing you a blessed life together. Peyton is sure lucky to have such wonderful and loving parents. Jennifer, you have so much love in your eyes for Peyton in all your photos together. Dean and Peyton are so lucky to have you as their Mom.
Aloha, Dave & Cookie Pearson