Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My very first very L-O-N-G road trip!

Today was a very long day in the car...all the way from our home in Arizona to Yuba City CA to visit Bachan and Jichan - about 11 hours driving time...Sakura-chan was very good she only got very tired of being in her car seat the last 130 miles and then she let us know that she was NOT sitting there one second longer...we pulled over at the rest area and gave her a break, then got back on the road. She truly was a great little traveler - she slept most of the ride, got fed and changed at gas stops, then we stopped in Bakersfield for lunch so she got to stretch out on the booth bench at Red Robin. Truly a wonderful baby :)

Progression of the day in the car...

Starting out this morning....wide awake

OK guys, this is pretty darn boring, I'm sooooo tired already! Are we there yet?

Most of the day was like this (except with her buckles done, this was right before we got out of the car.

Here she is meeting Dean's parents (aka: Bachan (Grandma) and Jichan (Grandpa)).

Daddy handing over Sakara-chan to Jichan who was very eager to take her! Bachan looking on telling Jichan to hold her head and be careful with her.....

Jichan with Sakura-chan - very happy Jichan

Jichan loves babies! Sakura-chan is very lucky to have such a wonderful family


beem221 said...

those pictures are so precious with jichan and bachan! hope you're enjoying your time!

Aunt Carol said...

Those pictures are priceless! Have a wonderful visit and safe travels!