Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bumbo time

Such a sweet baby girl

1st time in her Bumbo

Trying out her Bumbo...or is it "Jumbo" - another Japan adoptive family has an adorable little girl and I always smile at these little seats because their blog post about their experience was "Bumbo doesn't come Jumbo" - so now everytime I see this thing, I call it a was the cutest post. Poor little Kumiko was a little too big and didn't fit in her Bumbo and it went back to the store. Peyton fits hers, and it's pretty cute to see her sitting in it, although she does get bored. The first time in it, she looked like she was concentrating (see above), but by the next time (see below) I think she thought it was okay.
Another turn in the Bumbo...
I bought these sunglasses way before travelling to Japan, and decided we'd try them out the other day, as you can see by that wrinkled up little nose, someone wasn't very fond of them and kept rubbing her head back and forth.

Sure takes a lot out of you having soooo many pictures taken.


Kai said...

Ohhhhh...look at that face!!! What a cutie pie.

Aunt Carol said...

Pooh, the love comes through your pictures and your posts! Princess P is a lucky little girl!

Misty Clark said...

This is one of my favourite posts :) Yes, it was sad when I tried to put Kumiko in her Bumbo and she didn't fit however it did make for a good laugh. She was about Sakura's age too!