Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning makes me sleepy

Saturday at home......well part of the day :)
Daddy decided it was a nice time to rearrange the bedroom furniture in our bedroom. Sakura happened to be napping and I commented that Sakura would be getting up and this bedroom was a mess...Daddy assured me that he could take care of this job in less than 45 minutes (HA!), needless to say, Sakura ended up waking up and the job took hours, not minutes. Sakura stayed busy playing on our bed (with supervision from either Mommy or Daddy), for quite awhile. I thought she looked so cute playing and grabbed the camera (hmmm, wonder why it takes longer than 45 minutes? J/K!). Here are a few pictures of Sakura chan being cute :)

Really you want me to just stay up here on the bed when there is stuff EVERYWHERE?

Playing with clothes hangars

Trying to crawl off the bed!

Spring cleaning makes me sleepy, maybe I should have stayed in bed?!


Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

She looks adorable and like she made her own fun, but the yawn is my favorite.

Misty Clark said...

She's so cute up there on top of the bed. I'm sure she was wondering why she couldn't get down and play with everything :) Love that little face!