Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dancing Part 1 and more

A few more pictures from my niece Katie's visit. We were sad to see her leave, and hope that she is able to come back this summer for a longer visit (AND her brothers can join us too!).
We miss them so much - Sakura really enjoyed her time with Katie.

Sakura under protest for posing for more pictures!

OK just one more!

Mommy, Sakura and Katie at lunch

Sakura was exhausted from all of the weekend festivities and fell asleep for the first time ever in her high chair while she was eating dinner.....

Sakura had a nice Valentines Day, she got a super cute giraffe with hearts all over it....somehow I missed getting a picture of her with it - but I will :)

Here was Sakura in the car dancing to Lynard Skynard...we get a big kick out of her dancing. When she isn't in her seat(s) she lifts up each foot, it's so funny!

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Samantha said...

What a happy and healthy little girl! Hope the milk adjustment comes along quickly for you!!!