Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Sweet - get well card from Samantha

So while Sakura was sick a couple of weeks ago, Samantha (Katie's daughter) made her a special card. I was busy with the birthday party when Samantha gave it to me and just ran across it the other night when I was putting away Sakura's birthday cards and couldn't help but share it with everyone. Samantha is 7. Sakura really is loved as you can tell from Samantha's card below - I could not be more fortunate to have such a good friend who offered to watch Sakura on the day's that I go to work - and love Sakura too! It's super special!

The front reads: Get Well Peyton and has a sad face.

The inside reads:
Peyton, I am me and you are you but your my sister and I am your sister you mean a lot to me and your my best friend BFF!
with a picture of Samantha and Peyton that Samantha drew.