Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Fun at Disneyland

Well we couldn't think of anything better than heading to Disneyland for Sakura's 1st birthday's the Happiest Place on Earth afterall!

After lunch we headed to Disneyland - Sakura wore her special birthday "outfit" proudly displaying that she was 1!

Her first ride was the Carousel, Mommy had a few tears while Sakura chan rode her first ride on her very special day, then we headed for the flying Dumbo's. Daddy has to sit out of most rides as he gets miserable motion sickness so Grandma enjoyed Sakura's Dumbo ride with us. Despite having all of these fun and pretty rides, Sakura's very favorite ride was the "Mommy Ride" - as you can see by the look on her face this by far was Sakura's favorite ride :) Mommy doesn't mind either .... I love that I'm a favorite for awhile, Disney will win out when Sakura is older I'm sure!

Here are just a few pictures (I use that term loosely!) from our girl's very special day!

I'm dressed and ready to go!

YAY for Disneyland!

Jumping with Daddy is so much fun!

Walking to the park.

Proud Mommy and Daddy with their very special girl....Auntie Jill notice the sunglasses?

Mommy, Daddy and Grandma with the special birthday girl

Daddy and his girl

1 year old!

Where shall we go?

Looks like they decorated just for Sakura!

I'm 1

Birthday Girls get balloons :)


See Auntie Nancy, I don't always keep my bows in...

this goes in my hair...

Mommy and Sakura waiting for the carousel

1st ride of the day

Then to Dumbo with Grandma

HI Daddy!

Daddy joins us for a posed photo op....this Dumbo won't make Daddy sick.

Sunglasses taste better than they look

And now for my favorite ride...the Mommy ride!

You go forward and then backward....that's the Mommy ride!

Again Mommy!

And she sleeps.........

Meeting Mickey!

See, they decorated for us - Thank You Mickey Mouse!
Stay tuned for Disneyland Day 2


demetrisfamily said...

GREAT pics of Dland! Love Sakura's out birthday outfit. Looks like a fun filled day and too funny about the "Mommy ride" being her favorite. Those Ergo carriers are the best, aren't they? Happy 1st Birthday to beautiful Sakura (again)! Those cheeks are just made for kisses. Can't wait until Part II.

cpayne1997 said...

Too Cute! I am so glad that she had a blast at Disney. It reminds me of Breanna's first trip...and now she is hooked! You have to bring her to Disney World...I must come on that trip! Love you guys!

canewton42 said...

I love, love, love those two shots of the mommy ride. You both look so joyful, and even that stranger in the background adds to the mood. You should totally frame at least one of those!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I LOVE her outfit. She is so pretty and sweet. Looks like she did really well at Disney! I love the Yay picture and her riding on your back. Is that an Ergo? Is it hard to get her on your back? I have one and find if very hard to do myself and I tend to use the Bjorn.

You are lucky she keeps her bows in. Savannah did and does too, but I heard many babies don't. I put bows in her hair very young and if she doesn't have a bow now she doesn't feel right and will ask for one.

Rich is the SAME way as Dean. Can't go on any spinning ride or he will get motion sickness. He takes medication for a flight or any boat or ship and has to be the driver. He can't ride in the backseat either or the back of a bus.

Glad you had a wonderful celebration and I look forward to the rest of the photos too.

Misty Clark said...

Love all the pictures! Sakura looked like she had a great birthday at Dland with Mommy, Daddy and Grandma! I love her birthday outfit too! I think they did decorate the park just for her!

Margaret Handshoe said...

ok, now I can't wait to go to D-land! Sakura looked like she was having the BEST time!

beem221 said...

FUN times for sakura's birthday! so glad you got to spend it at your favorite place - i think sakura's going to love disneyland as much as her mom. :)

beem221 said...

p.s. love her birthday outfit!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

What a fun day with your family. She looks so cute in her outfit! Everyone looked like they really enjoyed her birthday. Cannot wait to see her party pics. I am sure that will be fun too.