Friday, February 5, 2010

Disneyland Day 2 and a sweet reunion

Well Disneyland wasn't the best today, it drizzled and rained all day long :(
But we had a fabulous day regardless.

We didn't let the rain stop us from having fun - We were able to get to most rides and just walked on, since the rain seemed to scare others away. We took advantage and headed straight to It's A Small World - Sakura's favorite ride at Disneyland....she was mesmerized with all of the dolls and moving things, she stood up on the seat and just watched and looked at everything. It really is a Small World Afterall....

Such a small world that after leaving that ride we headed straight for the Jungle....Jungle Cruise that is ;) Then we saw some Pirates, no pics on Pirates though.

Daddy and Sakura on Jungle Cruise
Enjoying a drink with Grandma
After a stop for lunch at ESPN Zone, we headed over to California Adventure and Sakura enjoyed her 3rd favorite - could be a close tie with It's A Small World - Play House Disney. Sakura LOVED this show, she would stand up and clap and clap and clap, and dance and dance and was pretty cute. I think that Daddy, Mommy and Grandma enjoyed watching Sakura more during this show than anything else we saw.

Can you see the excitement?

Watching the show

Going to see a few Monsters!

Our very own Boo by her door!

One second chewing on her sleeve..while waiting for Buzz Lightyear.

The next fast asleep on Daddy...and slept through the entire ride!
Later that evening.....
Those of you that have followed our journey since we began will remember a special little guy that was in several pictures with Sakura when she was with Okada San in Japan. Kazuya was one of Sakura's first roommates. Sakura's birthday 4 Feb, Kazuya's birthday 5 Feb. We were SO excited that we were able to get Sakura together with Kazuya for their birthday's. Cheryl (Kazuya's Mommy) brought him to our hotel room on his birthday and came with special little cakes for Sakura and Kazuya celebrating their special day. I cannot tell you the emotions running through my heart as we brought these two together - a special bond that hopefully always remains, they spent their first 6 1/2 weeks together waiting for their families and then they were able to spend their 1st birthdays together too. Life is truly amazing. Kazuya is beyond adorable. I think Sakura knew or remembered Kazuya, because she didn't cry at all....whereas with other kids Sakura always cried. When we received Kazuya's Christmas card in the mail, Sakura made a squealing noise when I said "It's Kazuya" and reached for his picture...Cheryl said that whenever she shows Kazuya Sakura's picture, he always smiles.

Sakura and Daddy in the elevator
Sakura and Kazuya
Pretty cakes for special kids!
Sakura's 1st bites of chocolate
Notice the clothes change for Sakura, she had chocolate EVERYWHERE!

Sammie (Kazuya's sister) walking with Sakura

Playing on the couch

Exhausting day for a 1 year old....Sakura fast asleep with her baby.
Sakura I hope that your birthday has been as special as you are! We love you Princess!


Misty Clark said...

Wonderful photos! I love the one of her at the show. You can see pure joy in her face! What a fabulous way to celebrate your special little girl.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I love the pictures and that story is so touching. When I showed Seth the picture of Sakura and Kazuya and got the hugest smile too and was pointing. He is really adorable too. I love the photos of them together. Glad you had so much fun and Sakura knows how special and loved she is. It is obvious.

demetrisfamily said...

Loved the pics of day 2. Sakura had so much excitement in one day - lucky girl and then to see Kaz had to be icing on the cake! These two former cribmates sure are cuties.

Kai said...

I love to read your posts and see adorable "sweet cheeks" Sakura :D Looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration--and how neat that you got to meet up with Peyton's "roomie" Kazuya and his family. Sakura is so loved and happy--you can see it in every photo. (Her birthday outfit was too cute!!)

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

What a fun birthday for Sakura at Disneyland! She is too adorable! Loved all the pictures and seeing her have such a good time! That's really great that Sakura and Kazuya got to see each other again too... they're SO cute together! :)