Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Home from Monterey

Sakura has been sick this week. Not quite sure what she caught, but she started throwing up and it lasted about a day, then the other end started...Poor Sakura. During all of this, Daddy had to leave for his annual business trip - when he got home, he commented about Sakura looking smaller. I think Sakura lost some weight in her bout of being sick. Daddy came home from Monterey bearing gifts for all (even the puppies got gifts from Daddy). Here is Sakura with a couple of her gifts - an ADORABLE Hello Kitty and a Starfish. We're glad that Daddy is home and look forward to going to Monterey next year with Daddy and enjoying the aquarium!


Misty Clark said...

It's always great when Daddy comes home. Sakura looks so cute in her little chair and seems she's enjoying her new presents.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

So sorry Sakura was sick and you had endure it alone. Why is that always the way it happens?

Glad he is home and treated everyone to some surprises. Monterey is so great. It will be fun next year when Sakura can really appreciate it and comment on the all the "fishes," as Savannah likes to say.

Love your little LOVE BUG!