Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hinamatsuri Sakura chan

In anticipation of Hinamatsuri which is March 3rd, Daddy put up Sakura’s dolls on February 20th. Daddy made a special display area for Sakura's dolls, complete with red velvet.

Hinamatsuri literally translates as Doll Festival, but is often referred to as Girl’s Day. Celebrated annually on March 3, families pray for the happiness and prosperity of their girls, helping to ensure they grow up healthy and beautiful. On this day, families with young daughters celebrate this event by displaying hina-ningyo, special dolls for the occasion.

Handsome Emperor

Beautiful Empress

Although not a national holiday, the meaning of Hinamatsuri is to celebrate girls’ happiness, in Japan and the United States. Grandmother to mother, mother to daughter, the wish for a daughter’s happiness is both valued and treasured, and still celebrated in this spirit.

Sakura received her dolls from Daddy’s Uncle Tomohei in Japan and they are SO beautiful, if I had been able, I probably would have chosen the same set. Dean and I had not taken all of the pieces out until we displayed it on Saturday, so it was exciting to see everything put together. We will leave it out until Baa-chan and Jii-chan arrive March 6th so they can see everything displayed.


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

The dolls are lovely!! What a beautiful display. Enjoy this special day.

Misty Clark said...

Beautiful display! What a special day for a special little girl.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I love the dolls. I love dolls anyway, but these are gorgeous and so special. Sakura-chan will have a very special keepsake forever. I think I am going to get some for Savannah next year, just because I want to and she and Seth will be older and we can celebrate together.

P and D said...

What a beautiful display! Happy (belated) Hinamatsuri, Sakura-chan!