Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotcha Day anniversary - 1 Year Ago Today!

Today is our 1st anniversary of our Gotcha Day (the phrase comes from "Got Ya"). It was one year ago that these photos were taken, our first few minutes with our precious baby girl. Within seconds my heart skipped a beat, our lives were finally complete. Words cannot adequately describe what I felt last year on this day - hopes and every dream fulfilled, I longed to be a Mom, I longed to hold my daughter in my arms after receiving her photo, and the day had finally come. Pure elation I have to say, it was everything I ever dreamed and more.
Daddy was first to feed Sakura

but Mommy was first to hold her,

Our family finally complete

Today as we celebrate our 1st "Gotcha Day" we have so many people to thank,
God is #1 for without him, there would be no Sakura, there would be no celebration, Airi and Yuki, Sakura's BioMom and BioGrandma, Taz and Lesley, Okada San, as well as countless family and friends.

Tonight we will celebrate with a small trip down memory lane, one of our favorite pictures was this one we received from Taz while Sakura was with Okada San this is photo taken for her passport.

As you can see Sakura was wearing a white gown with small yellow ducks on it - to me that symbolizes Sakura coming home. "Ironically" the first thing that we bought for our baby was a stuffed Taggies Duck, well before we knew if we'd have a girl or a boy - to us it didn't matter, only that we got the baby that God intended for us. We bought that Taggies Duck soon after our paperwork headed to Japan in December.

Last Friday I was able to pick up Sakura's birth certificate in Phoenix, she couldn't be my daughter any more if I had carried her 9 months inside me - she never sat beneath my heart, she always sat inside it.

It's so hard to remember how we filled our days before the arrival of Sakura. It's hard to imagine our lives without Sakura we are SO very blessed to be her parents.

I will post our celebration in another post tonight after Sakura goes to bed.
One Year Ago Today

One year ago today
We had an answer to a prayer
when we finally received a call
to say that *you* were there.

‘Though holding only a photo,
our hearts were lost that day
to a tiny baby girl in Japan
half a world away.

The baby face and tiny ears,
those lovely almond eyes,
the chubby oh-so-kissable cheeks
held power to mesmerize.

The distance seemed to melt away
‘though still a world apart.
gazing at your picture,
we met you heart-to-heart.

At long last knowing you were real
a child to call our own,
the daughter we were soon to meet
to finally bring you home.

And now I hold you in my arms
and count my blessings from above
because just one year ago today
we were given *you* to love.
~poem by Jill Work (edited to fit our story)~


Debbie Smith said...

Jennifer and Dean

Tim and I are still so excited for you both. We remember still our gotcha days. Love you and can't wait to meet Sakura


Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

Beautiful post! Didn't the first year go by really quickly?! I can still clearly remember following along on your blog as you met your precious Sakura for the first time. So fun! Sakura has grown up so much this past year and is as CUTE as ever!! I know you're enjoying every minute with her! Can't wait to see you all at Dosokai!

Misty Clark said...

I agree with Cynthia, beautiful post! It's hard to believe a year has gone by. Sakura is one special little girl not only to her family but her "extended" family. Happy gotcha day!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

How sweet. Happy Gotcha Day! Lots of love to a beautiful family. Hearts filled with joy forever.