Monday, March 22, 2010

Gotcha Day part two

Today we celebrated by taking the day off work and spending the day together reminiscing about our time in Roppongi Hills just one short year ago. It's hard to imagine that one little person could change our lives so much - and for the better I might add. Sakura has blessed both of us beyond measure - we love her more than life itself.

Sakura started her day with a great nap in the morning and then we headed to Sakura's favorite spot....The Creative Playground, Sakura LOVES the park, especially the swings.

Mommy and Sakura at the park entrance

Me and my favorite girl!

First we went down the slide...Sakura was unsure at first

But by the time we reached the bottom, she loved it - this is a FAST slide!

The smaller slide for Sakura with a little help from Mommy - Sakura didn't like this one!

Sakura the bunny - not too fond of being a bunny

Can you tell we have an acrobat baby?

"You get me down from this rock"!

Daddy and his girl

Mommy and Sakura

Our family

Then we enjoyed dinner out at a Chinese restaurant since last year on this day we enjoyed our first meal as a family, at a Chinese restaurant in Roppongi Hills, accompanied by Okada San, Manami, Taz, Kazuya, Cheryl and Dave, we hope that the Watanabe family of 4 is having a great day too!

Looks like Sakura is telling me something here - hopefully it has something to do with the fun she had at the park and how much she enjoyed spending our special day all together.
Yummy Palagor Inn -
Our favorite Chinese here - today we got the "A Team" as Daddy called it,
the owner was cooking and he is by far the BEST!

Sakura opened her first Tiffany box, for her Gotcha Day gift -
which contained a child's place setting of a yellow duck plate and cup
(do you sense a theme here yet? Like I said in the Part 1 post, one of our favorite photos of Sakura was taken for her passport - symbolizing her coming home, so I wanted to do something special for her 1st Gotcha Day anniversary and get her something that she'd keep forever. )

Playing with her box - she wasn't real cooperative with photos tonight -
sigh I guess she's getting to that age :(
Sakura enjoyed the wrapping and the box - along with clanking the cup on the plate,
it was soon removed before it got broken!

Ironically the bottom says "Made in Japan" - just like Sakura!
I had a cake made for our special day with small yellow ducks on it, the cake doesn't look anything like I envisioned, but what do you do when you're there to pick it up and it isn't what you wanted? It still had ducks and it was really good - Strawberry (Sakura's favorite fruit!).

I ice cream!

Goes straight for it!

Messy face and almost gone!
Sakura ended the day in her ducky jammies - she also received a special present in the mail today and Sakura LOVES these shoes!
Mooshu Trainers, shoes that she is trying to put them back on her feet after we'd walked in them and taken them off. I removed the adorable clippies so they didn't get lost. Normally Sakura squawks at putting shoes on, as she knows that means we are going somewhere and she will be enjoying (or NOT) a ride in the car!
We had a fantastic day together today as you can see.


Adoptive Mommy x 3 said...

Soooooo precious! I remember those first beautifu pictures of Sakura like it was yesterday! Glad that you three had a wonderful day together appreciating each other. By the way- Sakura looks beautiful in yellow. :-)
G,E,e,n & m

Misty Clark said...

Love all the photos! My favourite is of Sakura on the swing. She looks so happy and care free! I love her in yellow too. Is there a colour she can't wear? I think not :) Happy Gotcha Day!

beem221 said...

love all the pictures, what a great day to celebrate and remember yours and sakura's big day!

Samantha said...

The swing pic is so fun! She looks so happy. The park looks like a place she will enjoy for many years to come. You made it a very special day for your family!

canewton42 said...

My favorite pic is the one of Sakura in the swing. Pure joy!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

What girl doesn't like a box from Tiffany's? Start her young! I love the theme and how special your day was. She looks happiest on the swing. What a great place! So glad you could spend the day with your sweet girl. What wonderful memories. Ours is coming up. Can't believe it. Time goes too fast. You are such a wonderful family with your precious daughter. Can't wait to meet you!

Mel said...

Jennifer, does Sakura chan like little yellow duckies too? I think we must have 10 or 15 little yellow duckies around the house now. These two must be twins.