Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making Progress

Last night was Sakura's last bottle .....
Mommy vowed that once she was on straight milk that was it.

Tonight Daddy tried giving Sakura some milk in the cup - but as you can see Sakura didn't want any part of it (although on her own she had picked up the cup and drank some by herself, prior to Daddy offering more).
Nope, give me my water please!
Thank you, but I'll have my water - check out those messy gohan hands!

Ok for Jiichan I'll drink it

Heading for a walk with baby, before bed.

But first...watching her favorite Japanese baby show.
Sakura dances and waves her arms at the babies.

I can do that too!


P and D said...

Growing up so fast! :) I love her teeth when she grins.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Little sips and baby steps. Is that cup working a bit better? Seth likes it better than any other for milk. Good job Sakura. It is hard work making the transition. But from a Mommy who had a child on a bottle way too long, it is easier now than later to make the change or you are in for the long haul! LOL!

I really think having Savannah helps. He wants to do anything and everything his big sister does. The only thing is he would like chocolate milk out of a Dora cup.

Misty Clark said...

She's adorable even with the messy gohan hands :) Jichan looks so happy to be holding his little Sakura-chan. Sakura seems to already have a strong personality and when she doesn't want to do something, she wont! That also goes for if she wants something, she gets it too :) Love that little face!

Mel said...

Inai nai ba is Momochan's favorite show too! She doesn't like guru guru dokan too much but loves mushi mushi kun, tomato chan and hamigaki man. Wan wan and Katami chan are just ok, ootan and gutan are the best.

I think I am watching a little too much of this show.

jill and ryan said...

sooo cute watching her little tv show!!!