Friday, March 5, 2010

Sakura gets bangs

Sakura has been having some hair issues, where some of her stragler hair gets in her eye when she sleeps, or rubs her eyes when she's sleepy so I gave in and got her bangs trimmed....wanted to let it all grow out, but figured this would help keep it out of her eye.

I think it looks cute none-the-less, and it will grow out eventually.

Sound asleep on our way home - poor Sakura had a super busy day w/o a nap. First it was out to lunch with Mommy, then a trip to the Dr. for the second half of her 1 year immunizations, then to see Auntie Becky for her hair trimming.

Sakura ended up falling down and hitting her head and when she's tired it's extra bad when ANYthing happens, our little Drama Queen! Needless to say, NO pictures of Sakura's first hair cut, Mommy had to hold her and Daddy is out of town :(

Home pushing baby in her stroller - all is well.

Mommy I can touch these now.....

Oh did you say "NO"? I don't think I know what that means just yet.


P and D said...

Super cute!! I love the bangs, actually. Now she looks more like mommy. :)

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Her bang trim is adorable. Savannah's bangs used to do the same thing and she had straggles. I have had her hair trimmed since she is one and it is so healthy now. Savannah just saw the pictures and said, "Awww. Shhhh. She is sleeping in the carseat."

jill and ryan said...

LOVE the bangs! they look super cute!