Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hinamatsuri Part 2

Sakura with Manami last year on this day
Sakura was just 1 month old, and still in Japan waiting for us...
Do you think she's changed much (I know, I know, she still has the same cheeks!)?
Today on Hinamatsuri - Sakura is 13 months old.

Tonight we went to dinner at Ah-So, our only Japanese restaurant, Sakura enjoyed her favorites tofu and gyoza. She wore her jinbei at dinner, and when we got home, she changed into Mommy's kimono - ironic that Mommy had a kimono from when she was a little girl and would pass it on to her own daughter one day. I was given my kimono from my aunt who travelled all over the world, and brought souvenirs to me when I was little. I'm very happy to have this kimono to pass on to my daughter and it has even more meaning when I saw Sakura wearing it. Happy Hinamatsuri Day to all of the girls.

Give her a phone and she's quite content!

Mommy and Sakura at Ah-So

Our little bird :) Daddy feeding Sakura some gyoza, trying to stay a little bit clean!

No Hana Daddy

Sakura was having a ball with the straw to her cup...can you tell she enjoyed her tofu -
2 bowls of tofu I might add?!

My pretty girl

Playing outside, it was dark but there were a few lights on the grass...I thought these next few pictures came out kind of cool

Daddy and his girl

Sakura in Mommy's kimono -
This painting came from my Mom's friend Kimi, she painted it for Sakura for Hinamatsuri

Sakura's painting hanging in her room for Hinamatsuri

Sakura and her Hinamatsuri dolls

Sakura says "Happy Hinamatsuri" to all of her family and friends!


Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

I love all the pictures. It is so special to have one from last year too. She has the same shape of her face, just looks more mature.

How special that you have your kimono for her and that you kept it. I guess you knew some day somebody very special would be wearing it.

I love what your mom's friend painted and her dolls. Looks like you had a great dinner and very special first Minamatsuri with your daughter.

Misty Clark said...

Beautiful Sakura-chan! My favourite of all the pictures is the last one. They are all great, but that's my favourite! She's such a cutie pie. How special for all of you to celebrate this wonderful holiday together.

Samantha said...

I agree with Misty, the last one is my favorite too. How awesome about your Kimono! That is really special. She does look adorable in her jinbe and kimono. The painting is really nice and her doll display is beautiful!

P and D said...

Adorable!! What a lucky girl to have such wonderful family and friends. Like you've said before, Jennifer, it was meant to be, right? :)

jill and ryan said...

Happy Girls Day to little Sakura! Jennifer I love your kimono! Such pretty colors...