Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A week in review

I missed a few pictures from last weekend and one of Peyton Sakura's Firsts - her first time sitting like a big girl in a high chair....guess where it was? Mimi's Cafe for Grandma's birthday! Our little angel sat quietly for almost our whole meal, starring at he waiter each time he came to check on us. Here she is!

I'm a big girl, I can sit in my chair and quietly play with my toys!

For breakfast I'm having some 'bug legs'!
On Tuesday morning I put my normally very happy girl in this cute Crabby shirt...turned out that it must have influenced her mood, because she was quite crabby a lot of the day! I'm not sure I'll be putting this on her any time soon. Typically Sakura is a happy go lucky little girl, go with the flow, always in a relaxed mood, but this day was definitely NOT typical. As you can see by the look on her face in the next few pictures - someone was CRABBY!

Not a happy camper!

I'll show you Crabby!

I went in to check on Sakura while she was napping and saw that she had pulled over her Pooh friend and was sound asleep on him like a pillow.

Pooh makes a nice pillow, notice all of the binkies in her bed! The other day I counted 5! She mostly has her binkie when she sleeps, so I just leave them in her bed...

Even though I'm crabby, my Mommy still loves me :)
Thank You Katie!!!
My friend Katie made Peyton's new shopping cart cover for me. It looks SO pretty.....about 2 seconds after Katie left, someone thought this was made for them -
Sorry Wrigley this is for your baby sister, like almost everything that comes into this house.

Wrigley says Nice New Doggy bed....Mommy said NO WAY and moved the shopping cart cover!

Peyton agrees...Nice New shopping cart cover - and says "THANK YOU Katie"!

I love my new shopping cart cover, Mommy picked the bright pretty fabric!
Peyton has really started balancing well, she loves to 'sit' and play with her toys, try to eat her feet, and grab things that surround her. I put the boppy pillow behind her just incase she falls backward, which she still does from time to time, but she doesn't even fuss when she is 'laying' backward over the boppy.
Today was our "go to work" day....She was at work with Mommy today most of the day, and behaved very well when we went visiting all of the people we hadn't made it to see yet!
Here is the Princess 'relaxing' when we got home.
Here's my feet!

Always chewing on her hands!

Our Precious baby girl!


cpayne1997 said...

Peyton is such a cutie! She is just growing up too fast!

David and Samantha said...

Looks like a fun week. Those crabby days can be tough!

Kai said...

I love how babies have no wrists--just a hand and then an arm :D Maybe sweet Miss P is teething? (Can't even remember when that starts, can you believe it?) I know Kai had a rough time when his second set of choppers was coming in for about 6 weeks when he was around 11 months old. Oh! Thank you for the float warning--we think ours is okay because we bought it after 2001 (unless there was another recall that we didn't catch?)

Carrie said...

She is sitting great. I love that outfit with the butterflies.

The shopping cart cover is beautiful. I love the colors.

It is such a wonderful age when they are amused by one toy, their hands, and their feet.

That is precious with Pooh. We take Seth out of the crib and find all the missing pacifiers too. He is also starting not to need them and giving them up. He prefers his hand.

jill and ryan said...

I love that shopping cart cover! So cute for her. Hopefully no more cranky days for little Sakura!

Misty Clark said...

Great pictures! Okay Jennifer, I don't think you can count those as "Crabby" pictures. She still looks just as sweet as ever! :) That last photo is just too cute for words. I can't believe she's already doing all the things you've mentioned. She's going to be running around before she gets to meet her Auntie Misty :( Keep her small for me, just a little longer!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl, I see no crabby in her whatsoever!! She is a sweetie pie. I like the cover that Kate made, very nice.

Love Dad