Monday, July 13, 2009

First Veggie

Green Beans!

Dean and I are not fond of many veggies, but know how important it is for Sakura to be a good eater, so tonight I made her some green beans.....her first taste of anything other than formula or rice cereal. I also made some apples for her first fruit, not sure when I'll try those, for now they are baked and pureed and ready for the freezer.

First bite!

Hmmm, not too bad...I'll have more.

I had intended for Sakura to try Edamame first, however upon closer inspection of the cooked and 'popped' beans (that I had popped) in the baby food mill, I spotted a floating suspect....what turned out to be a worm!
- Needless to say we won't be eating any Edamame for quite a while in our house, it all went into the trash can and my stomach is still churning!
Unfortunately I LOVE Edamame...
maybe someday I'll "forget" about that creature hiding out?!

This is what she does when she wakes up and you are trying to just give her the binkie so she'll go back to sleep, if she is on her tummy, she does a swoop of the air trying to catch your hand/arm and holds on, it's very hard to just walk away when you've been caught!

Just hanging out in the Bounce-A-Bout with my Muffy ladybug, I love to try and eat her paw.

Here is how she fell asleep tonight.....
buried in my arm, laying (sort of) across my lap while I was on Facebook! So funny!

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Carrie said...

Glad she liked the veggies. I gave Savannah tons of veggies as a baby and now it is all she eats--her favorites are avocado, carrots, and mushrooms. I did bananas as the first fruit. I don't know why either--just seems mild and easy to get used to and digest and easy to mash up and puree.

That is so gross about the Edammame. I like them too and don't know if I can eat them thinking of that either.

Glad it worked out with the green beans.