Monday, July 27, 2009

Playing with Busy Bee

A Busy Little Bee....

A little history.....back when I was a Freshman in high school (yes that was a very long time ago - LOL!) my StepDad was active in the Rotary Club. We always enjoyed working the hamburger booth at the County Fair for the Rotary Club, but our favorite thing as kids were our Foreign Exchange students that came to stay with us.

Our very first Foreign Exchange student was Marian, she was from New Zealand, and she lived with us for several months. We had others that lived with us, as well as the "kids" that my StepDad was a counselor to, none share the same bond as Marian, Marian will always be my sister. We were fortunate that Marian liked our family and has always stayed in touch, visiting several times over the past (gag, choke) 27 years.

Marian was here visiting when Dean and I were building our house, called on our wedding day to wish us well and tell us that she wished she could be here with us, and then she was back again two years ago with her family (she has two boys, William and Jack) along with her husband Graham. We all enjoyed spending time together in Sedona at the cabin, Disneyland, etc., Graham and the boys enjoyed a first hand look at the Stryker, and a HMMWV, which was a big deal for them. I think our bond will always be strong and I hope that someday Sakura gets to meet her Auntie Marian in person and not only know her in pictures (sniff, sniff!).

Marian (as everyone else) was very excited to learn about us adopting a baby, albeit quiet and afraid that she might say the wrong thing - but once we came home with Sakura from Japan, Marian was one of the first to call and Congratulate us, and then send us this adorable little traditional New Zealand toy.

Tonight I was cleaning out Sakura's bed - she has started moving around a lot and I knew it needed to be done, but held off until tonight, I removed all of her stuffed animals from her crib. While I was clearing out all of the toys, I layed Sakura down on her blanket and put a few toys around her - Sakura chose the sweet little Busy Bee from Auntie Marian, Uncle Graham, and cousins William and Jack.

While I watched her very closely (I'm sure this in intended for older children, it has wings that move when you pull her behind you and a string), I sat quietly thinking of my family so far away. So this post is for my far away family - here is Sakura playing sweetly with her Busy Bee! We Love You and Miss You!

Rolled over holding her toes, and still holding the string to Busy Bee!


Carrie said...

So cute! I love the one of her looking at the bee. Sakura is a busy little bee.

We have a new Japanese restaurant by us called Sakura (well, half an hour away is "by us" when you live in the country). We have not been yet (it opened when we were in Japan). But, whenever I see it I picture your daughter's face and smile. She brings joy across the country.

Misty Clark said...

I love this post. How sweet you guys have kept in touch over all these years. Sakura looks so cute with her bee.

demetrisfamily said...

What a cute toy bee and it looks like Peyton loves it. She really is getting to be a big girl and prettier every single day! Can't wait to see her again - and you & Dean too!