Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Next veggie....Sweet Potato

I think this is the very favorite! She ate the whole thing!

But I'll always prefer to eat my toys, nice soft fabric is my flavor of choice and it is


David and Samantha said...

Sweet potato's are just that! Sweet! She is getting big!

Carrie said...

I cannot believe how much Peyton and Seth are alike. He devoured the sweet potato too and loves it. He really likes everything, but had the biggest smile with the sweet potato and I feel he would lick the bowl if I gave it to him. But, right after would also like to eat the bib, burp cloth or a toy.

I also forgot to tell you that he falls asleep on my lap in the same position Peyton fell asleep on yours by the computer. Looks uncomfortable, but I guess it isn't.

Your angel is as beautiful with sweet potato on her pretty face as without. Isn't this fun?

HUGS, Carrie