Friday, July 10, 2009

A couple hours away

Today was the first time I have left the Princess with anyone (besides family). I had my hair cut and ran a few errands and Sakura stayed with my friend Katie and her kids. I got a good report (Thank Goodness!) - I wasn't worried at all about leaving Sakura with Katie - her kids are very well behaved and I know that she is an amazing Mom - I was more worried that she would cry hysterically (as she has when I've left her with Daddy!).

A very special "Thank You Katie" for offering to babysit! Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera, so no pics of Katie and kids :o( Next time!


Anonymous said...

Katie Gramley righ? How is she doing?

Carrie said...

You are brave. It is so hard to leave them. I did not leave Savannah for so long. The first time I left her with anyone but Rich or my Dad was when had to get our fingerprints for our 2nd adoption. I left her with my dear friend and her two boys and she was fine. I have not left Seth alone without Rich though.

Yes, the crying is the concern and that someone is going to have to bounce him.

Misty Clark said...

Of course you got a great report from your friend Katie. I can't imagine Sakura being bad and crying. I have no doubt it happens as Kumi is the same way. There are those times that they only want "Mommy". Poor Daddys :( Glad you were able to get out and run your errands. I still don't leave Kumi very often and when I do, I miss her like crazy until I get home. Something us moms better get to get used to.

Mel said...

I must have been born under the luckiest star because Momoka is a "Daddy's girl" (not that I'm bragging or anything - YEA!).