Saturday, July 25, 2009

Memories from our week

Not a whole lot going on around here, it's too darn hot! Just a few pictures from our week.

This week we tried a couple of new foods - tonight was carrots (here's my first bite),

earlier in the week was pears and peaches. So far sweet potato is the very favorite of anything we have tried...peaches and pears are a toss up for fruit. This week we are going to give squash and avocado a shot! I'm not real sure how to make 'prunes' but saw those in the Stage 1 baby foods - I'll have to do some research.

My favorite position, whenever Mommy is changing me I pull my feet up and hold them, whenever I'm in bed and awake, I'm holding my feet...just about any time you see me and I can, I hold my feet!

Just Hanging Out being sweet

Mommy's Sweet Little Monkey

Holding on to my Daddy

Look close, you'll see a red tongue giving kisses!

I like my peaches

Mommy was trying to trick me into not pulling the binkie out of my mouth by putting one in each hand....didn't work though I knew that I didn't have a hold of the right binkie!

Thank You Auntie Misty and Cousin Kumiko for my shoes, me and Mommy (well Daddy too) LOVE them!

The day after I exercised with Daddy, Mommy took a turn with wearing me on her back trying to get things done....

Looking at my shoes, trying to figure out how I can eat them!


Carrie said...

We also tried carrots and peaches. Seth likes everything. I am looking forward to trying avocado, since it is one of my favorites (and Savannah's too). To puree, I just put everything in the magic bullet with water. Avocado is easy, but peaches are a little tricky with the skin. I made all of Savannah's baby food (except when we went out or away I used Earth's Best due to it staying fresh). It is fun and not that hard you know what is in it.

Love her holding her feet. That makes it easier to change her. How nice of her to help you out. She is just an angel. Love her face and expressions.

Sorry it is so hot. Hope you get some relief. Here it just doens't stop raining.

Misty Clark said...

Sakura is just too cute! I love her in blue and I'm so glad the shoes fit. She looks like she's a good eater too. We missed you guys this weekend but we'll meet up with you guys when you hit the east coast soon. Right??? :)