Monday, June 29, 2009

I have FEET!

There is something that I keep grabbing....

Every time I grab them my Mommy says "feet"!
I think I like my feet!

For the past couple of weeks Peyton has been reaching and grabbing her feet, usually when she is in her bed, or just after her bath when she is getting lotion massaged on her tummy, legs, arms, and FEET - she reaches for them....we first noticed it one day when she had on her bunny pjs, she was sitting and she kept leaning forward trying to eat the bunnies, now she grabs her feet pretty regularly.
Some people eat rabbit stew...not Mommy or Daddy but maybe me? If it tastes as good as these bunnies,
I say .... "Yummy"!

The bunnies have ears!
It is so cute to watch her grow and blossom, albeit sad that she is growing SO fast!

Piggies "in a" Blankie


Mel said...

Jennifer - Peyton and Momoka must be soul mates. Looking at the post it seems like Peyton likes the feel of sateen fabric? Momoka has a little blanket trimmed in sateen and gets that stuff between her little fingers in her left hand, sucks her right thumb and falls fast asleep. Needless to say those things at the end of her legs have been a special fascination for a little while too!

Jennifer and Dean said...

Twins....just like Kai and Megumi - I think they share a special bond/connection starting out together with Okada san!

Carrie said...

So CUTE! I am waiting for Seth to find his feet. He is more interested in his hands right now. Love those funny bunny munching photos. She is quite flexible too!

Totally agree about the growing up WAY too fast.

Misty Clark said...

She is such a cutie! I love the PJ's! Where did you get them? I wonder if they come in size "chubby" :) Love the photos!

jill and ryan said...

I LOVE those bunny pj's! And I spy a hello kitty in her crib :)

demetrisfamily said...

You weren't kidding when you said that Princess P was getting big! Kiki loves her piggies still - aren't those little feet & toes the cutest? Great pics and I especially love the one of the last post of Mommy & Peyton. Two beautiful girls!

Jennifer and Dean said...

The bunny pj's came from my Mom, she got them at Carter's I think she said? They're really cute, the butt has a bunny tail - I'll try to remember to take a picture of the butt the next time she wears them :)