Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dosokai Part 2

Our Lil' Empress on our way to Goofy's Kitchen for lunch with the group

Sunday was our Character Lunch at Goofy's Kitchen with all of the families. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone, and know that next year will be even more fun when Peyton is a little older and can actually interact and play with the kids. We want to thank Eryn and Belinda for all of their hard work in planning for our special weekend together, the goodie bags and sweet t-shirts, Thank You Kelly for the yummy cookies too!, and we look forward to next time!

The Gang with Pluto (Eryn has a better picture, so hopefully I can post that soon!)
Peyton meets Pluto he gave her big puppy kisses (which she is very used to with Yancha Bozu and Wrigley)

Peyton meets Chef Goofy

Dan and Cameron with Chef Goofy

Being Goofy with Dan
Chef Goofy, Kai (front), Dean and Peyton, Cyn and Cameron

Dan and Cameron meeting Gideon the scary cat (although Cameron wasn't scared of him)!

And another one from Saturday afternoon/evening on our way back to the park after napping, it was cold out!

Peyton Sakura back to the park


Carrie said...

Peyton is gorgeous. I love the shirts. I hope we can go next year. I have to get connected and on the mailing list so I can keep in contact with other families. It would be a blast to join everyone next year.

Glad you had fun and yes it gets cold in Southern CA at night. We lived outside of LA for 3 1/2 years and I was surprised at first how much the temperatured dipped at night.

I have so much fun following your blog too:) Thanks for your sweet commetns and I hope to meet you one day soon!

Kai said...

Glad you made it back safely! Sheesh you (and Belinda) are so fast to post! I'm in awe. Thanks for letting me hold Peyton--what a total sweetie pie!!! And those outfits! Too cute. So glad we got to meet in person finally.

beem221 said...

i love all your pictures of peyton in her sunglasses!