Sunday, June 28, 2009


This morning we had breakfast at Mimis Cafe. Mimis will always be a special place for our family, lots of great things happened at Mimis.

  • Mimis Cafe is where we had our final Home Study visit with Ralph back in September.

  • Miya (aka: Mimi) was the first baby brought home from Japan with ATWA (our adoption agency).

  • Mimis Cafe is where Dean and I were (having breakfast after a Dr. appt. before we headed back to work) when we got THE call from Taz that we had a baby girl!

Kind of funny how things like that happened to us during the whole adoption many things!

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Carrie said...

I LOVE Mimi's Cafe. I miss it. We used to live in CA. We don't have them back East. Whenever Rich would ask me where I want to go to eat (breakfast, especially) I would say Mimi's! He didn't love it (or I made him sick of it), but I did. Have a bite for me the next time you go.

Glad you have so many happy memories at a great place. Do you want to know where we were when we got the call that Seth was born? Eating lunch in Orlando with the Playhouse Disney characters. Then we got his picture 2 days later on my birthday!