Saturday, May 26, 2012

Washington DC our last full day in the nation's capitol - with Daddy

We were lucky and Daddy finished his class and we got one day together as a family in DC.  Daddy wanted to head to Georgetown so we went there first, walked around then we headed to the Mall.  I figured that Dean would like the mall as I had seen two of his FAVORITE stores there when I went earlier in the week with Misty .... Levenger and Paradise Pen!  I'm pretty sure Dean was in Heaven!

Walking in Georgetown with Daddy

Lunch at Wasabi

LOOK where we went and someone got her first American Girl
- Sakura got a Bitty Baby - which she named Yuko after Daddy's
cousin Yuko in Japan.  As you can see, Daddy was one the
who said "get it!" - I walked in knowing it would be hard
to leave empty handed because Sakura loves her babies!
Hanging with Daddy at the mall
Sakura couldn't wait to check Baby Yuko out!
She is HOOKED on Doc McStuffins from Disney Junior
where Doc takes care of her stuffed animals ... Here is
Doc McSakura as we refer to her these days!
On our way to dinner, we stopped at another cool brick
building for a quick picture or a few I should say
of Sakura and Baby Yuko

Yes that would be my daughter, hiding from the camera!

Back at the room and another check-up for Baby Yuko

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