Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Washington DC with Friends Day 5

Well the final day of enjoying Misty and Kumi's company had come .... way too quickly I might add.  I had dreaded this day from the day we arrived, knowing how much I would miss them, and knowing we wouldn't get to visit for a long time.  But it was inevitable, all good things must end.  We were especially thankful for having as much time with them as possible, and definitely look forward to our next meeting.  They are the best friends anyone could ask for, and we are SO lucky that our paths crossed.

Today Misty planned for us to go to the National Arboretum.  Of all of the pictures I took, these are the ones I would have shared every single image of (over 100 I believe) - two little girls running and playing to me was PRICELESS.  I wish I could do a little flip album, but since I can't, here are a few of my favorites.

Sakura and Kumi in the Japanese Garden
Absolutely incredible/beautiful bonsai
Sakura posing in front of a gorgeous Magnolia tree
How incredibly beautiful is this azalea bonsai?
Headed through the walkway to the Chinese gardens
Taking turns over the bridge ....
this went on for quite awhile, they loved this bridge
Beautiful Poppy
Kumi wanted to push Sakura around
Sakura hurrying up the steps
I wanted a picture of Sakura blowing a dandelion,
but she had more fun picking
and delivering them to me :)
Like I said, nothing is better than watching
two little girls play with nothing but grass and dandelions 
Fun times
"Here you go Mommy"
Sakura has this thing
"You can't go on my bridge"
Silly girls
They RAN and RAN!
And ran more!
TRYING to get a posed picture,
although my favorites are
the ones where they're running
through the grass!
Big Hugs between friends
We headed back to the hotel to gather our belongings, have lunch and say Goodbye to our friends.  Like I said, we had a fantastic visit and we look forward to seeing them again!

We got back and our room still wasn't clean .... nice!  So I headed out for a walk to a Japanese store Misty had found on Yelp.  Sakura within seconds was fast asleep, all of the running and walking we did these last three days WORE this girl out, she's not use to doing so much walking and still prefers being transported by stroller.  Guess that those little legs just work twice as hard as the rest of ours.

Yep, fast asleep in Sakura style .... upside down shades!
We did manage to buy a few things when we finally arrived at Ginza - it was quite a walk from our hotel, but Sakura slept the entire way there, shopping, and back!  She was BEAT!  I managed to pick up a few little gifts here, so it was a successful jaunt for us.

Ginza Japanese shop
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