Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching up with Papa and Gramma Janie and saying Goodbye to Zakk

Today Sakura and I headed to Phoenix for several reasons.  Since my nephew Zakk graduated from high school earlier in the week, Papa and Gramma Janie were in town so we snuck in an extremely short visit. They brought Zakk with them so we could say our Goodbye's - he has chosen to move back to Georgia, I can't even begin to say how much we will miss him.  He is a GREAT kid and Sakura adores him!

Lunch at Oregano's - with Zakk
Zakk making something for Sakura out of pizza dough
Can you see how much she loves him?
After we all had lunch, Zakk headed over to visit with his Mom, so Papa, Gramma Janie, Sakura and I headed to the mall to play at the play area.  It's FAR too hot to do anything outside right now.  Sakura loves the play area, and Papa and Gramma Janie got to watch her in action.

Sakura loves Papa!
AND Gramma Janie!
BIG Hugs!
Saying GoodBye to Papa

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