Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My very favorite day of the whole year - Mother's Day.  A day I use to dread is now my favorite.  Every day with Sakura is special, she puts the joy in my heart that was once a missing piece - I couldn't be more happy to be her "Mom Mom, Mommy, Mom".

To me it's not about the gifts, it is about the time we spend together making memories and traditions.  Each year, since I can remember, we celebrated Mother's Day at The Garden Cafe, with my Grandma, and with my Mom - and so the tradition continues - brunch at the Garden Cafe.  That is my favorite part of the whole day, I LOVE The Garden.  It was especially hot this year, and all of the seating is outdoors, but we were there as a family - with my Mom and David - creating more memories.

Walking hand in hand with Daddy and Mommy
Trying to get a picture, Sakura had been complaining (lately) that the sun is too "hot" /  bright so we tried with our shades
Me and My Girl - Sakura was not real cooperative with photos, but we did manage to get a few decent ones. 
Playing while Greema and Papa went to get their food - it's a buffet, but not like any other buffet, it is DELICIOUS!
Our beautiful daughter
All the Mom's get a flower, Sakura kept saying "Where's My Flower" so Mommy shared with her
Just being silly
And pretty
Trying to get our annual Sakura, Mommy, Greema picture - someone was cracking up!
LOVED this one!
Not bad either :o)
We are SO lucky that Bachan and Jiichan are here to celebrate special occasions with as well.  We have adopted a new family tradition, dinner at Ah-So with Bachan to celebrate Mother's Day. We are very lucky to have such special people in our lives to celebrate and create wonderful memories with.

Oops, Mommy was looking off in the distance at who knows what :o(
Of course there is another Mom (and family) we think of everyday, but especially on this special day - Airi, because of her love for Sakura this day is possible for me to enjoy.  We celebrate Airi, Sakura's BioMom who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave us the biggest Blessing.  Happy Mother's Day Airi.  We love you more than you'll ever know!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

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