Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dental appliance

Several months ago when Sakura had her check-up and cleaning, I asked the dentist about her front teeth, if you looked closely it seemed as if her front teeth were shifting.  Her dentist described what she has as a cross-bite, and suggested that we wait until her two year molars came in and then get a "quad-helix" appliance inserted.  So the day had finally come, a few weeks earlier Daddy took Sakura in and she had a mold of her mouth, so the appliance was ready to be inserted.  Sakura is crazy for the Disney Junior show - Doc McStuffins and her "boy" Stuffy (the dragon) she commonly refers to if she does something that is uncomfortable or unfamiliar - so today I dressed Sakura in a blue dress (Hello Kitty) and told her she was a Big Brave Dragon just like Stuffy (he is blue).

Mommy was quite uptight, and tried to get Daddy to take Sakura in, although the more she thought about it, the harder it would be to not go and be there when Sakura was done.  So we all went.  Sakura played in the castle until her name was called, then marched back with the dental hygienist for insertion of the quad helix.  Several minutes passed and Mommy couldn't stand it, pacing around like a cat on a hot tin roof, reluctantly asked the front desk person to check on Sakura.  She came back saying she was doing great, they had inserted the spacers in her mouth to hold it open and Sakura was just looking around - whew what a relief.  Several more minutes passed and out came the hygienist holding Sakura's hand saying what a great help she was and that she was super.  She tilted her head back and showed us everything.  Thankfully you can't see anything when you look at her, only if her head is tilted WAY back.  We were never so proud of our little girl.  She amazes us with her strength and courage.

Later that night, when we were laying down, I held Sakura tight and told her how very proud of her I was .... I said "Sakura Mommy is SO SO SO proud of what a big girl you were today at the dentist" - Sakura replied "Mommy I'm so so so so so so so so proud of ........." I said "You are so proud of what?" She said "I'm so so so proud of you being a brave dragon too".  It melted my heart and I shed a tear (or a few actually), yes I guess I was a brave dragon too.

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