Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Happy Father's Day to Daddy!

Sakura was super excited for it to be Daddy's Day!  Daddy got home from his business trip late Friday night and she couldn't wait to give him the special tie she had for him .... she had gone to her new preschool earlier in the day Friday, and because she hadn't been there during the week, she didn't make a tie, apparently it really bothered her that her Daddy wouldn't have one of these special tie's, so Miss Clarissa offered for her to take the "sample" - Sakura was SO excited when I picked her up showing me this tie.  She also made a nice picture of a tree with her handprints, and at the CDC she had also made a couple cute gearing up for this day was pretty exciting for her.

Waiting for Daddy
Giving her tie to Daddy at the airport! 
Ready to go to dinner at Ah-So
It's SO hot, must I stand for a picture Mommy?!
Daddy and his girl at dinner!
 We went to Ah-So since they have the best sushi in town, and Jiichan loves his unagi!  We opted for the restaurant side this time vs. the teppanyaki.  It was delicious and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and time together.  
Dinner time with Daddy and Jiichan - I love this pic!
A little miso with your tofu Sakura? 
SO sweet - Sakura loves her Jiichan
I love my family!  We are SO blessed to have Bachan and Jiichan right here with us!

It's been a LONG day and Sakura passed out as soon as we got in the car.  She was beat!

Sleepy girl

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