Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the News

We were quite pleased to get a phone interview from The Sun asking about Sakura's recent Tiny Prints win. What I was most happy about is that the photographer, Maranda Urban Chic Portraits, was finally able to feel the excitement we felt when we were notified of being finalists back in November and then again when we saw that she was the Grand Prize winner.

Here is a scanned copy of the
article - I managed to crop off the horrible photo the newspaper photographer took, Sakura had NO nap that day, and wanted NO part of having pictures taken, which is her normal reaction to photos - but the whole spread in the paper took about 1/2 of the front of the Desert Life section - it was pretty impressive! There were SO many things that were misquoted I won't even go into that.

It was quite funny - the newspaper article was on Thursday, on Friday my Mom came down for the day to visit, we went to lunch at The Garden (our favorite) and there were no less than 5 people who came up to us asking if she was THE baby in the newspaper, later that night Dean got to experience the same thing when we went to Kneaders for dessert, where the cashier asked the same thing - only in a small town - but that's what I love about living in a small town! They were all calling my little Sakura a celebrity - to us she's "just" our daughter and we couldn't be any prouder of her! We feel that Sakura's Grand Prize win goes to lots of different things, first of all our family and friends who voted, Maranda's amazing photo, and of course a bit of credit has to go to Sakura too.

The day we had these photos taken for our Christmas card, Sakura called all of the shots, that's how Maranda works - she says that children at this age aren't negotiable so we went with Sakura, Sakura stood on the railing at this location, she smiled for some photos, she was serious for some, she "yelled" for Yancha at one point, calling him like she does outside, the pose is all her. She is the "
new face of Tiny Prints" and our cutest baby :)

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The Stevens said...

I saw that this picture won on Tinyprints and feel in <3 with Sakura. Then a few minutes later you responded to a post I made about needing more adoption friendly cards to choose from!!! So glad to meet and i look forward to following your journey!