Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Christmas

Christmas with Bachan and Jichan was on New Years Eve this year. Since I had surgery on Dec 19th in Phoenix and it was our year to be with my Mom - post op appointment was on Dec 28th, it only made sense to stay in Phoenix the whole time so we did. That just pushed back Christmas with Bachan and Jichan - we felt bad that this would mean they'd be all alone, but we are quite lucky they are the most accomodating people ever and they never said a word about it. We're SO lucky to have the close by.
Bachan and Jichan thought Sakura needed a trampoline so that's what she got! Not one of the tiny ones, but a larger one that she will love once Daddy assembles it!

Sakura really enjoyed opening gifts, so there was another few things Bachan had me pick up for her - clothes :) Gotta love clothes, but first there was a ride on the pony.....

Sakura ripping into her present!

Inai Inai Baa....with wrapping paper

And then with Jichan :)

She actually LOOKED at me for a picture...that's rare these days, she will deliberately turn around normally!

This is ALWAYS the way Sakura puts on sunglasses....upside down, and when she puts them on me, same thing - upside down.

They don't quite sit right upside down, so you have to hold them on!

Time for some cake - Sakura is not a big cake eater, but she did enjoy the frosting!

Daddy noticed how Sakura was sitting - Japanese style of course!
Happy New Year to all of our family and friends -
we hope that 2011 is a great year for all!

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