Friday, January 7, 2011

Bathtime Fun and End of Christmas

Sakura really enjoys tub time! She got lots of Yo Gabba Gabba toys from Santa and loves pointing at each one asking who it is, so every night we go through the drill.....this night after Sakura had spent probably an hour (easily) in the tub, all washed and clean the fun began. It started out innocent enough - giving Wrigley a drink of water, then turned into "Splash Fest 2011". It was quite funny and Sakura was CRACKING up at Wrigley as she jumped to bite the water. Since the blog is set back to Private - I figure I can share these pictures now.

Giving Wrigley a drink

Wrigley biting the water makes Sakura laugh hard!

As you can see here!


Wrigley attempting to drink all of the water that is now covering the tile

The other night we had the last of our Christmas. We went to dinner with Johnny and celebrated with him. Sakura was all ready to go to dinner (which happened to be on the night we found out Sakura was the Tiny Prints Grand Prize winner - so we were celebrating as well!), and decided maybe her bumble bee could get her there....J/K - she wanted to ride Bobee - which she calls it for bumble bee.

Riding Bobee

Home from dinner with her awesome new chair from Johnny. We call him Tata - and Sakura kept saying "Thank You Tata, Thank You Tata" all night -
because we told her to tell him Thank You when he gave it to her.

All ready for bed, and still staying close to her chair. She loves those leggings too and carried them back out once she got dressed. She likes the "dolls" :)
The next morning Sakura woke up and went to the chair and said Thank You Daddy...I said that's not from Daddy and she said "Thank You Tata"! Little smarty pants!


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

Those laughing pics are great!

Misty Clark said...

Awesome pictures of sweet Sakura!