Friday, February 4, 2011

Sakura turns 2!

Hard to believe but our baby girl is now officially a toddler! We enjoyed our day by going to the doctor ... luckily there were NO shots for the birthday girl - but we did get her height and weight. She has been growing ... she still maintains the same percentages 50 percentile in weight and 25 percentile in height, picture perfect for us!

Sakura is now 32 3/4 inches
and weighs 26 lbs 14 oz.

We enjoyed dinner at Famous Daves with two sets of Grandparents for Sakura's birthday celebration, my Dad and Stepmom were here visiting from Georgia, and of course Bachan and Jichan since they live here. Then we headed home for cupcakes and ice cream, along with presents. Sakura got lots of cute things, I think she may have a new favorite toy --- her chalkboard from Auntie Linda, Uncle Mark, and cousins Jessamine and Stephanie. Sakura uses it every day.

Our dinner table - yummy BBQ Georgia Chopped pork!

Just us ... tried to get a decent picture but Sakura was TIRED and ready to head out!
So this was the best we could do.

Here are just a few pictures from our special day with our 2 year old 'baby'. Sakura will always be our baby! Sakura continues to amaze us - she is such a happy girl - yet serious, she loves to sing and dance, she LOVES her Daddy (and Mommy) and her furry siblings too, she is learning so much and we've even been woken up to her singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in her sleep on occasion - hmmmm just like her Mommy (I used to sing whole songs in my sleep as a child).

Raspberry Lemon sponge cupcake with Raspberry creme - DELICIOUS!
They were as good as they look - they're even dipped in white chocolate.

My beautiful 2 year old

Listening to us sing Happy Birthday to You!
Time to taste!
Time to open presents!
Papa and Sakura stringing beads - she LOVED this!!!
We had special pictures taken this year for Sakura's birthday...unfortunately the hard drive on our photographer's computer died and she lost everything, I was quite sad as Sakura was SO good for the session - we're having retakes and hoping for the best with Sakura's "Birthday Pictures Take 2"! Last year it was much easier to take photos of Sakura, guess I did her in with so many and she now turns her head from me when I try to capture a moment. It was really cute, I had given Sakura a goldfish container to make sure she didn't get hungry for her photo session, well she wasn't quite finished eating her goldfish when we arrived at the second location, so Maranda snapped this Polaroid photo of her sitting up on the ledge eating her goldfish - I commented that I really didn't want the goldfish container in all of the photos so we'd have to wait to get more pics until she was that's all we have of the session - so when we do retakes Sakura WILL have her goldfish container as I cherish this photo.
Scanned Polaroid picture from Sakura's Birthday Pictures Take 1

Sakura says Thank You to all of our family and friends for all of your special birthday wishes and gifts!

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Misty Clark said...

Look at all that loot! What a fun birthday to Miss Sakura.