Thursday, February 10, 2011

Celebrating at The Happiest Place on Earth!

When Daddy offers Disneyland we all JUMP around here...and we did just that! It was our 17th wedding anniversary and also celebrating our special 2 year old - what better than to visit the Happiest Place on Earth to do our celebrating?! We can't think of any place we'd rather be!

These first several pictures were taken with the Official Disney photographers, figured we'd do a photopass and just buy the CD - makes the most sense - that way we were all in the pictures and they're usually pretty good - it is a great value!
Sakura meeting Chip and Dale - she LOVED them!!!!!

Being "shy" with Chip

Our first day at the park
They were celebrating the Lunar New Year and were dressed up in style as you'll notice, they also had this "display" area.

Our first "chatters" of the day!

Waiting to get on a horse on King Arthur's Carousel - Sakura's FAVORITE ride!

IF I had to guess I might guess that Goofy is Sakura's favorite character - definitely far from tops on my list and I just have to wonder .... Goofy was the 1st character Sakura ever saw - she was 3 months old and it was at the Disneyland Hotel for our first Dosokai. Sakura has always been one to study everything - could it be? I guess we'll never know - just seems a little strange.
Waving Bye to Goofy

Daddy and his girl

Someone is getting sleepy!!!

Mommy's "favorite" flowers - Sakura and tulips (and pink too!)!

Sakura playing with the Yeti

We made a special point to find the stone that we bought for Auntie Patty who lost her battle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer a couple of years ago.

Like a little duckling, chasing after Daddy.

In front of Grizzly Bear Rapids

Enjoying our anniversary lunch at California Adventure winery, Sakura had a bit of Daddy's spaghetti - her favorite meal of our whole trip I think...she loved this spaghetti!
We had to laugh, Sakura found "special" things at the shops this trip. Every time we went into a gift shop, Sakura found a suitcase that she claimed...we would have come home with lots of new luggage as you'll see in some of these photos - this isn't even the ones I took with my phone at various shops.
First some of the Disney Bears!

OK now it's a Minnie Mouse suitcase....

but it wouldn't be complete without some shades! Tinkerbell of course!

Notice the accessories....bracelets too! She's set - Suitcase, shades, and jewelry! That's my girl!

Really tuckered out, but we really wanted to go to the World of Color show, so we came home, got showered for the night and out we went....

Bundled up to stay warm, the evenings were cool.
During the day we needed sunblock, it was SO nice!

World of Color show

Back at the hotel gift shop....
this was the suitcase she went for EVERY single time we went back to our room when she wasn't strapped down in the stroller, she also added a Dooney purse at one stop.
King Arthur's Carousel again...

Lesson learned, FULL AUTO ONLY when visiting the parks, I lost several shots by forgetting to switch my camera around :( UGH!!!

Sakura and Mommy waiting in line at It's a Small World - Sakura's other favorite ride!

Daddy and Sakura on the ride

Then we headed over to ride the train around the park ---
Sakura has been saying "Chugga Chugga Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo" lately so Daddy thought she might like to ride one..
Having fun with Daddy while we waited for the train.
A few of the many faces of Sakura

Sassy girl!

Funny girl
Silly girl

And Serious girl
VERY apprehensive about Mickey and Minnie - but she warmed up to Minnie and gave her High 5!
We were very leisurly with our trip, we've been enough times that we don't feel that we need to rush from ride to ride anymore, we will again when Sakura is older and really wants to go on rides, but right now we just hung out, shopped, rode some rides, walked around, etc....
I snapped these next pictures while Sakura and I waited for Daddy to look at the new exhibit, Sakura got time to roam around and had a great time just being out of her stroller.

Then Daddy came out and played Inai Inai Baa with Sakura through the fence.

We had a fantastic 5 day get-away, it was just what we needed to refresh ourselves and think about all of the blessings in our lives - each other all three of us. We have more to celebrate than most and we are so grateful and appreciative for what we have.
Many thanks to Airi for fulfilling our dreams - thank you never seems like enough. We only hope that she somehow knows how grateful we will always be for the most sacred gift ever - Sakura chan!

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Misty Clark said...

Looks like another Fabulous trip! I absolutely LOVE the spaghetti photo and the Sassy Sakura photo! That's wonderful you were able to celebrate two very special events at one of the happiest places on earth, DWorld is the happiest:)