Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello Kitty party time!

We finally had Sakura's actual birthday party. What a day! I wish everything had gone as I had planned, but unfortunately the weather was horrible and I had planned a nice party at the park - UGH! So what if the decor wasn't as pretty as it could have been at the end of the day all that matters is that Sakura and her friends had a great time - and they did!
Sakura showing Anabelle the bubbles
Sakura enjoying her bubbles...she enjoyed them so much she probably ate half a bottle dipping the stick and blowing - it was pretty cute, as each person would arrive Sakura would announce she had bubbles and show them.
LOTS of pictures of Sakura with her bubbles.

Dipping to get more bubbles.

Melanie and Jacob enjoying their bubbles
No resting or partying for Vannesa - Katie brought her homework with her and Vannesa graciously helped with High School Chemistry ... Uncle Dean suggested Katie ask Vannesa since she's younger and hasn't been out of school as long :) LOL!! Thanks Vannesa!
Cousin Zakk with Sakura and what else...bubbles
Party guests
Hello Kitty flower arrangements made by Mommy and Beverly

Party favors
Sakura spotting Katie (her former babysitter) - she squealed and then cried because she couldn't figure out how to get down from the jungle gym.
When she finally got down (with help from Katie's daughters Sam and Nicole and then Me), she ran as fast as she could to Katie - I was so touched I was SO sweet - indescribable.
We were SO lucky to have Katie watch Sakura for so long and we miss her so much!!!
Cousin David and Sakura with bubbles.

Pinata time - The Birthday Girl goes first - mind you Sakura has never seen a pinata, never hit anything with a bat before, but she figured it out pretty quick.
Sam and Nicole sharing their candy with Sakura (they'll always be big sisters to Sakura)
My brother Matt tending to the BBQ
Everyone raved about his hot dogs
Cupcakes - Hello Kitty and sakura blossoms - they were SO cute - Rachel did an amazing job!

Sakura with her cupcake --- yep she ate the kitty :(

Daddy and his girl - so hard to believe she is 2!

Time for some presents - Sakura was SO tired at this point - and she hadn't eaten much (just part of her cupcake) and she had run around in the horrible wind, she was parched! She was so tired she wouldn't even hold her cup! LOL!
Sakura's 1st scooter from the Bomhowers!

The Anaya kids and Jacob watching the present opening and entertaining themselves with the Hello Kitty bubble maker
A vanity from Beverly

A beautiful baby doll from Grandma and Papa
Excited to be opening presents ... and handing the paper to the kids to throw away!
Sakura's 1st Coach --- from the Cuevas'
More books and a cute cup

Our little Birthday Girl - party is over time for a snack - Pringles!


The Stevens said...

I love your blog. What a precious gift and child you have been given. I just smile everytime i see her face. What a gorgeous little girl! Your so blessed!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

LOVE all these gorgeous photos of your beautiful girl! Yummy cupcakes and fun with bubbles.