Thursday, March 3, 2011

HinaMatsuri - Girl's Day

Happy HinaMatsuri 2011
to our beautiful little girl!

For Sakura's 2nd year birthday pictures (which will be in a different post) I took along my kimono with us and Maranda got a few great shots of Sakura for me to share on HinaMatsuri Day. The one above and the one below are my favorites .... I've got a few what I call "outtakes" at the bottom of this post :)

Always serious Sakura chan

We had a busy day celebrating HinaMatsuri with Sakura. I always love getting her dolls out and displaying them in the living room - you are supposed to put them in the best room in your house, and I figure that's where we spend the most time so that's where they go. Sakura enjoyed looking (AND touching) her dolls this year - she didn't really touch the dolls, but the accessories. I just told Sakura that we only look at these pretty dolls, and she never touched them again. She is SO good!!! We enjoyed dinner at the same place as last year - it will be our tradition unless they going out of business or something - at Ah-So and we had teppanyaki (OISHI!). Sakura enjoyed her miso soup,which still is just about her favorite thing, as well as enjoying our rice and veggies too. Sakura also enjoyed some traditional HinaMatsuri arari - which she wasn't very fond of ... quite surprising since Sakura really loves arari!

Here are a few pictures from dinner at Ah-So.
Sakura and Daddy "enjoying" the show --- Sakura did NOT like the big fire, and wouldn't go back into her high chair for the longest time after that happened...when the show was over and it was time to eat we were able to get her back in.


Sakura opening her HinaMatsuri Hello Kitty - somehow I missed getting a picture of her with her kitty though -
Sakura was SO tired when we got home it was a rush to get her in the bathtub and to bed....

Here is what I am calling the "out takes" from our photo session --- the reason I call them out takes is because we were on our way out of the first location that we had her birthday pictures taken and I remembered the kimono pictures...the location closed in like 5 minutes so I hurried to change Sakura into the kimono, change her hair clip to the special one Auntie Misty made, and guess what .... I forgot to remove the leggings she was wearing because I never dreamed they would show in the pictures....guess what - lesson learned - remove whatever you DON'T want to show! UGH! Still adorable pictures so here are the "out takes"!

My beautiful little cherry blossom is growing up way too fast!

Peeking in to see what's going on - the great escape I call this one since the door leading back to the car is just inside this building....

"I'm Done Now" says Sakura :)

I don't know if I will ever get over the fact that I still have my very own kimono from when I was a little girl and now I have a little girl who can wear it on a special day. Absolutely incredible is all I can say - it chokes me up and takes my breath away just thinking about everything.
I am and hope that I will always be in awe!

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Misty Clark said...

Great post Jen! Love all the pictures of sweet Sakura! That is awesome she can wear your Kimono. How special!