Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summertime Fun

Sakura enjoying time at Katie's - I can't tell you how very lucky I am to have one of my very best friend's watch Sakura while Dean and I work - we know how lucky we are and appreciate Katie (and her family) so much. Here are a few pictures Katie took of Sakura.

Katie said to Sakura "Time to go and get Nicole and Samantha from school",
naturally you must take a book and your purse. Katie said that Sakura grabbed just a random book off the shelf, along with putting her purse on --- this girl LOVES purses!

Let's go swimming - Samantha (L), Sakura, and Nicole (R)!

Testing the water!
Thankfully Katie has a cover, so it's more like a nice bathtub :)

Sakura, Nicole and Samantha swimming beauties

Drying off

Two cuties - Sakura and Samantha

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