Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We have had a busy few days - Memorial Weekend!

First of all Happy Memorial Day to all of you - a very special thanks to our troops, past and present, who do what they do so that we can enjoy all of the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every single day!

Sakura enjoyed being a "criminal" for a few minutes -
ironically she was wearing black and white stripes!

Walking to the car with Daddy - purse on arm - she rarely leaves home without grabbing that.

Lunch after Mom and Dad had their haircut

Sleepy girl fresh from her nap enjoyed a few minutes of snuggle time with Daddy.

Pool time with cousin David - Sakura enjoyed finally meeting her cousin David, my brother's youngest - only one cousin to go - Zakkary and he will be here in a few weeks. My brother Matt and his family are moving closer - at least in the same state now! Matt got a job in Tucson and he drove down with David last week. We are SUPER excited that they will be close enough to actually get together from time to time!

Testing the water with Daddy. Isn't Sakura's swim suit the cutest?
Thanks Heather, Sakura looks adorable!

Swimming with her cousin!
If you look closely you'll see Sakura's lip quivering and turning blue - it was COLD! Unfortunately Sakura didn't mind at all and threw a FIT when I got her out. Poor Sakura! She was exhausted and feel asleep before dinner even.

Boys and their toys - we bought David a Super Soaker

which as you can see Uncle Dean enjoyed!

Oh the drool ---
Sakura is cutting a molar and OMG she is like an open faucet! She is luckily keeping drool bibs on much better than she did when she was younger, so we don't have that many changes of clothes, but boy she gets SOAKED - no need for the toy super soaker at our house!

Daddy and his girl

We found a spot at the shopping center that has these "fountain" things for the kids to play in, since Sakura enjoyed it so much at Sea World a couple of weeks ago, as well as
California Adventure I really wanted to take her you can see she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Headed for the water!

Lovin the water

Loved these pictures of Sakura trying to catch the water!

Splish Splash

She even tried to crawl into the fountain!


David, Samantha and Kaori said...

that was samantha who left the above comment!

Ashley, Ryan and Sam said...

She looks so cute in her suits. Summer months are fun with little ones! Looks like you have a water baby for sure.

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Love the Daddy and Sakura photos. So sweet. She is precious in the water, as a "criminal" (which she could never be, except a prisoner of our hearts) and just running around and being her cute self. Poor baby cutting a molar. Luckily she keeps a bib on now. Seth is getting his 7th tooth, but will have no part of a bib.