Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dosokai 2010

Dosokai 2010
Goofy's Kitchen group photo!

Sakura and I just returned from Dosokai, the 2nd annual. We had an amazing time with everyone.

  • Driving 592 miles alone with my non-car loving daughter

  • Standing in LONG lines for rides with two little ones that don't understand why we are waiting

  • Not much sleep due to late night chats and early morning rising to get where we need to be

  • Long walks to and from the park resulting in shin splints

  • Hearing Sakura say Da-Da over and over because she misses her Daddy

  • Spending time with great friends = PRICELESS!!!

Here is just a small sampling of the 609 pictures (taken between me and Misty) while we were at Dosokai. We truly had an amazing trip, missed Daddy a bunch, but it was so nice to get to spend extra time with our friends. Sakura got her first set of Mickey ears from Auntie Misty and she LOVED them, she kept them on the whole time and never fussed about it. We think they looked super cute too! It is always special for us to get to spend time with everyone, Disneyland is just a bonus. I feel that these friends are an important part of Sakura's life, these children share the same history as Sakura does, these families share a similar past as we do as well, there is an amazing bond between those of us that have gone through SO much to get our children, it's really indescribable.

Sakura and I started out leaving Wednesday morning bright and early. We headed to San Diego and met up with Nancy and Tripp, Misty and Kumi for a day at Sea World. Sakura was a great traveller and slept about 80% of the way there - then entertained herself with a snack and drink - couldn't ask for a better baby!!! I didn't get very many pictures there - but Sakura really enjoyed the Sea Lions LIVE show very much - she stood, danced, waved and pointed at the seals. Then we hit the Shamu BELIEVE show - again Sakura enjoyed watching the whales, Mommy was a bit disappointed that the trainers still aren't in the water with the killer whales so some of the excitement isn't there, but Sakura didn't care, she loved watching the show. I think Sakura's favorite part of the park was the Sesame Street Bay of Play area where she walked around, crawled through the tubes, and splashed in the water fountains. When we left the park we drove the rest of the way to Anaheim, Sakura was SO exhausted from all of the fun that she slept the whole way! Whew - part 1 of the driving down!

Fresh from the car and ready to hit Sea World!

Yay, Auntie's and kids are here....Check Tripp out doing some maintenance on his stroller!

Hi Auntie Misty and Kumiko!

Bay of Play

Playing and watching the water fountains at Bay of Play,

Tripp was off enjoying the rope climbing with his Mommy :)

Pure exhaustion, Sakura was out like a light!

Handsome Tripp after breakfast - he and his Mommy headed home Thursday morning :(

Thursday Misty, Kumi, Sakura and I headed to Little Tokyo - I Little Tokyo and can't wait to take Daddy back there sometime! They have quaint little shops and looked like lots of great food! We headed to dinner with Misty's Aunt Kaz at a Thai restaurant - which I'd never had. It was pretty good, Misty's Aunt Kaz was the best part though - she was great company! The girls were exhausted but behaved very well for our dinner!

There was a beautiful (very unique double) sakura tree still in bloom!

The girls playing

(we tried hard to get a good picture of them both looking, but that wasn't happening!).

And exhausted again....

Poor Sakura didn't get her normal naps in while we were gone,

but she did remarkably well I think!

Imagine our surprise when Misty and I were in different rooms getting our girls ready for bed, and out they come with matching jammies! Too Funny!

This wasn't planned, Misty didn't know Sakura had these jammies and I didn't know that Kumi had them either - they were sure cute in their little whale jammies!

They weren't having any posing for a picture, this was the best I could get.

Friday and Saturday we spent at the park - Friday night we met up with several of the families and enjoyed dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, I have to admit I was a little nervous about Sakura being afraid, she dislikes loud noise/voices VERY much even crying at Texas Roadhouse when they sing to someone...but she wasn't afraid at all, luckily they sat us in a little room and it wasn't too noisy - Sakura did fine! Yay! Saturday morning we enjoyed the Dosokai breakfast at Goofy's kitchen a little downtime in the room for the girls, then back to the park for a few rides on It's A Small World - I think Sakura and Kumi's favorite ride of all! We went once, got off and rode again, no line to speak of so the girls were in Heaven.

Me and Sakura and Misty and Kumi by the castle

Misty had bought Sakura and Kumi matching shirts to wear to the park with their names!

SO cute!

Waiting in line for Dumbo

Hanging out in the stroller

With their first Mickey ears!

California Adventure Bugs Life play area...more water!

Enjoying dinner at Rainforest Cafe

We were SO lucky that Bee took a picture of us with our special friend Kazuya and his family!

Sakura riding It's A Small World

And King Authur's Carousel

WALKING around Downtown Disney!

Such a big proud girl!

Ring Around the Rosie with Kumi and Savannah

Crawling around Goofy's Play area

Kumi, Seth and Sakura playing the piano in Goofy's house

Sunday we headed home bright and early and back to Daddy - Sakura was sound asleep when we got home but when I said Da-Da she woke right up and looked around she was SO happy to see her Daddy (and YaYa and Wrigley too!).

Again, we had a wonderful trip - missed Daddy so much - but totally enjoyed our time at Dosokai! Thanks to everyone - for the wonderful gifts for Sakura!


Margaret Handshoe said...

Great pictures! What a week, huh? I'm sure you both need some resting time like we do after all that driving... and guess what- Ivy has those pajamas too!

Kai said...

So happy--I knew you'd be good about posting (unlike me!) What great photos you got--and what a full trip! You're awesome, taking that trip on your own! Sakura is sooo cute and it's awesome seeing her walk around on her own now. Love the photo of her little feet a few posts back--and the ones on the swing. And your Mother's Day posts made me tear up! Too bad Dean couldn't make it but hopefully next year. Can I get a copy of your Goofy's Kitchen group photo? Mine was dark and blurry (like last year's)--argh!

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

I enjoyed all the pictures too! You did alot in those few days! Loved all her cute outfits (its so awesome that Sakura loved wearing her Mickey ears!). She is just too cute!!

Could I also get a copy of the Goofy group photo? Mine was blurry too!! :( (I must have had the same photographer as Kelly!) Great seeing you both again!

Misty Clark said...

Great pictures! We had such a great time with you and Miss Sakura-Chan! You were a trooper for walking so much with me. I think the kiddies had fun playing together too. Just think, the next time they'll be even better at playing together (hopefully). Looking forward to our next get together with you guys.